跑者世界 (Runner's world) 堪稱慢跑領域最專業的網站,其網站每年(季)都會針對各家廠商新發表的鞋款進行評鑑,選出最佳鞋款。若你對於跑鞋的選購尚為新手或者懶得自己比較爬文,或許可以參考看看本次評鑑的結果。

這次2008春季的評鑑共選出27款優質鞋款,再從其中選出BEST BUY,可謂優質好鞋!而不可不知的跑鞋可分為避震、穩定、控制三大種類,這篇文章也以這三類進行分類,正文為Warren Greene所著,我挑選了幾雙得獎的鞋款加上臺灣比較紅的幾雙鞋,簡單翻譯如下:

編輯推薦: Asics Gel-Kayano 14

        更好、更強的更新, 14代鞋款在足跟部分的亞瑟膠足足比13代增加了25%!根據實際的測試,這代的鞋款由於鞋底材質的關係,比前一代稍硬,這可以讓跑步時腳跟感覺不那麼軟,測試者認為這樣的改變不至於造成足部的不適應,也就是說不會變硬也不會太軟。除此之外還有新設計的中底,輕量的設計讓腳板的力回饋更快速。




最佳選擇: Brooks Adrenaline GTS 8



Brooks GT8


Mizuno Wave Inspire 4
We Say: The latest Inspire uses a new upper design to better wrap the heel. Mizuno added a strip of stretchy fabric to the upper in front of the heel counter, which helps isolate the ankle's outward motion and provides a more snug fit. Several wear-testers noticed a different heel fit that took a few runs to get used to.


Recommended for runners with normal to low arches willing to try a new way to combat heel slippage. Wear-testers Say: "Just the right amount of stability, but it could use more cushioning." --Michael McGann, 32, Allentown "After I got used to the heel fit, I really enjoyed running in these shoes."

Inspire 4

Mizuno Wave Nirvana 4
We Say: As with the Inspire, the updated Nirvana is designed to have a better heel fit. Unlike its sibling, however, this shoe's heel panels are completely independent. This makes the panels less susceptible to bulging outward, which gives the 4 more stability and a better fit. None of our testers noticed the new heel design, however. Lab tests showed the Nirvana 4 to be slightly firmer than the 3,


so we recommend it for runners with lower arches looking for a durable trainer with a great fit. Wear-testers Say: "The gap under the heel trapped a lot of snow." "It was comfortable, with good arch support."


最佳改版: Adidas Supernova Cushion 7
We Say: The latest Supernova Cushion offers an outstanding fit, thanks to the new last used in all the other Adidas shoes in this guide. It's wider through the midfoot, which many testers found comfortable. Also new are two heel plates, found in the midsole, that slide slightly on top of one another to isolate impact forces and slow side-to-side movement. This makes this update slightly more stable.


Recommended for runners with normal to high arches looking for a soft shoe with a good midfoot wrap. Wear-testers Say: "The cushioning and arch fit were excellent." --Lisa Benvenuto, 28, Allentown "I loved the breathability; a very comfortable shoe." --Tyler Ernst, 21, East Lansing Price: $90 Widths: Standard-4E (M) Standard-2E (W) Weight: 12.1 oz (M) 10.3 oz (W) Contact: 800-448-1796; shopadidas.com

最佳選擇: Mizuno Wave Rider 11
We Say: The Rider has the same new heel design we saw in the Inspire 4 (page 98). A stretchy panel in the rearfoot makes the upper less likely to lose its shape at footstrike, which improves the shoe's heel fit. Deep forefoot flex grooves make this the second most flexible shoe in the guide, and a new sockliner that's dimpled under the heel and forefoot yields a softer feel underfoot.


Recommended for runners with high arches seeking a lightweight and flexible shoe. Wear-testers Say: "This is a superb shoe for long runs." --Lauren Garges, 33, Allentown "Great overall fit; the upper part of the shoe was really comfortable around the ankle." --Lance Blaskowski, 25, San Diego Price: $95 Widths: Standard-2E (M) Standard-D (W) Weight: 11.2 oz (M) 8.9 oz (W) Contact: 800-966-1211; mizunousa.com


New Balance 1062
New Balance重新修正了1062的基礎,讓這雙鞋比起前款擁有更佳的支撐性。鞋橋更厚而鞋底三個獨立的部份,可以抵擋衝擊(避震膠),在足跟到指尖提供完美的力轉換。這雙鞋在整體評鑑中,仍是最硬的一雙。
We Say: New Balance overhauled the sole of the 1062 to make it more supportive than its predecessor. The transition bridge is now thicker, and the heel is segmented into three independent pods to better isolate impact forces and promote a smoother transition from heel-strike to toe-off. It's still the stiffest shoe in this guide.


Recommended for bigger runners with normal to high arches who want good cushioning with a bit of added support. Wear-testers Say: "The arch wrap kept my feet secure, but the weight could be reduced." "The shoe had excellent cushioning, great breathability, and an ingenious lace design."

New Balance 1062

最佳新產品: Puma Complete Eutopia
We Say: Puma's latest has a flashy look and offers solid performance, too. 
The heel and forefoot feature a section of durable polyurethane hexagonal units that compress into each other for added softness,
tying the Bislett (right) as the softest shoe in this category. The upper overlays are covered in mesh for added support and a snug
forefoot feel.


Recommended for efficient runners with higher arches looking for a unique aesthetic.
Wear-testers Say: "The shoes had a snug fit at first and took a few miles to break in."
"At first feel this shoe felt too minimal, but it is a quality shoe."

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